Kucher Steels is an independent leader in the plate production, metal forming and fabrication industry. We have a wide range of specialized equipment, a vast plate product inventory and over 150 years of combined experience. We serve the Oil and Gas, Mining, Farming, Trucking, Tank and Building Industries, and we handle projects of all sizes.

From the most straightforward plate forming jobs to the more complex projects, Kucher Steels does it all!
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Our Proud History

Kucher Steels was inaugurated in 1992, but before that date, there was another company, Kucher Industrial Steels, that was owned and managed by Len Kucher. Nigel Kucher is the son of Len Kucher and the current owner of Kucher Steels. In 1992 Len Kucher started his holding company, and Nigel went forward with production in the new entity.

Producing high-quality products since day one

Kucher Industrial Steels had served Alberta since the early 1980s and had worked with many of the same industries. Len Kucher was well known in the marketplace for having high standards and producing high-quality products. His attitude toward quality has been an integral concept for Kucher Steels 1992. The current GM for Kucher Steels (1992) INC. worked directly with Len Kucher for the first five years of his employment here, before Len started his retirement.

Producing high-quality products since day one

During that time, the concept of quality products and the tools required to achieve the high standards we hold ourselves to was transferred. To this day, Len’s aptitudes and attitudes still manifest themselves through this passing of the guard.

How Kucher Steels (1992) INC. Grew With Alberta

How Kucher Steels (1992) INC. Grew With Alberta

Kucher Industrial Steels had placed most of its focus on panelling and cabinetry for drilling rig oilfield buildings. Sheet metal gauge plate and steel plate thicknesses up to ½” were standard. Over time the Oil and Gas industry has gone through changes. These changes have seen the decrease in the use of drilling rigs, and therefore the company had to make adjustments to its product base. Kucher Steels 1992 has adapted to working with an extremely more substantial plate than was used 30 years ago. With the integration of larger equipment and more shop space, the company now works with and stocks, plate up to 8.5” thick. This transition has been in effect for over 20 years.

A Family Owned And Operated Business

As the years keep rolling by and the transition continues, we now have a third-generation Kucher starting his career in metal fabrication. We wonder if the company name will be safe for long!


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