Steel Fabrication: The Key to a Perfectly Fitted Product

Since 1992, Kucher Steels has been a trusted leader in providing top-of-the-line steel fabrication for commercial and industrial projects across Alberta, Canada. We have recently expanded to better serve our neighbours to the south.

Our expertise is supported by our quality products ranging from structural steel fabrication, pipeline repair sleeves, pipe clamps, repads, wear pads, elbow trunnion supports and more. Whether you need steel for commercial or industrial projects, our team is dedicated to meeting your needs and ensuring absolute precision in everything we do — making us the U.S.’ go-to source for high-caliber metal work! So if you’re looking for custom quality steel fabrication & guaranteed excellence on your next project - look no further than Kucher Steels!

To inquire about our steel fabrication services, contact us through our online portal or give our office a call at 780-440-4756.

Areas We Serve

Based in Edmonton, we can serve clients across Alberta, Canada and the U.S.A. No matter where you are, we can deliver the high-quality steel products you need. Kucher Steels is proud to offer our steel fabrication services to Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, North Dakota, Wyoming, Louisiana, Colorado, and surrounding areas. 

Expert Steel Fabrication In USA

We cut, shape and align a variety of metals.

Our team of talented steel fabricators proudly offer high-quality fabrication services that meet your exact needs. Thanks to state-of-the art equipment, our crew can expertly cut, shape and align steel according to the precise specifications you have in mind. With years of experience completing complex projects efficiently and accurately, rest assured we’ll bring your vision into reality with top notch results!


Custom Metal Work

Our team of expert fabricators is ready to tackle any metalworking project! From industrial-scale endeavours to the most intricate tasks, we provide top-quality cutting, shaping and positioning services for a wide range of metals. Plus our custom steel fabrication solutions ensure your unique projects are completed with precision and care. You can rest assured that every job will be done with excellence – it’s our promise to deliver outstanding customer service each time.


Kucher Steels is a family-owned metal fabrication shop that has been cutting & rolling steel for 30 years. We’re well respected in our industry, always on time with quality standards! Our shearing process guarantees perfect cuts every time - so you can be confident that your project will always be delivered promptly with utmost attention to detail!


We specialize in rolling all types of metals with different thicknesses. Our custom steel fabrication Edmonton specialists are exceptional at tight and large diameters on a thicker plate! All our steel comes with a Material Test report to show you exactly what our products are made of.


Press braking is an efficient way to transform sheet or plate metal into refined shapes. By using a press brake, Kucher Steels can bend the metal along its axis in order to achieve specialized configurations with precision and ease. We can form most high tensile strength materials, including Hardox and QT steel. We maintain our customers’ required tolerances on the product while satisfying your needs with Kucher Steels’ outstanding reputation for quality workmanship!


Kucher Steels is proud to offer a variety of cutting, etching and stamping services for steel products up to 24’x40’. Our CNC plasma machines are capable of burning round bevels with an amazing accuracy while our oxy/fuel systems can easily handle plates as thick as 10 inches! We also specialize in water jet and metal laser cuttings - so whatever your project demands, we guarantee the results will exceed all expectations.

Get Professional Steel Fabrication for Your Unique Projects

No matter where you are in the U.S., our team of expert metal fabricators can help.


We specialize in fabricating various steel products, including elbow trunnion supports, shells and vessels, tank plates, liquid natural gas tanks, cones and transitions brake bands, and bucket parts. We have the experience and expertise to fabricate these to your exact specifications.


  • Kucher Steel products are fabricated from high quality steel materials
  • Our pipeline repair sleeves, pipe clamps, repads, wear pads and elbow trunnion supports are designed to meet or exceed the industry standards
  • We can provide customized pipeline repair sleeve solutions for your specific needs
  • Kucher Steel is a leading manufacturer of fabricated steel products

high-quality pipe sleeves, concentric reducers, and eccentric reducers

We have recently expanded across the United States

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