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Kucher Steels provides Alberta with various custom metal fabricating services, using both high-quality steel and equipment. Our team is passionate about seeing your project through from beginning to end. We are a highly regarded steel fabrication shop and lead Alberta in the metal forming industry due to our quality work. If you need help with an Edmonton steel fabrication project, contact our expert team today! 

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Fabricated Steel Products:

  • Pipeline Repair Sleeves
  • Pipe Clamps 
  • Repads
  • Wear Pads
  • Elbow Trunnion Support  
  • Shells and Vessels   
  • Tank Plate
  • Liquid Natural Gas Tanks
  • Cones and Transitions
  • Brake Bands
  • Bucket Parts 


Kucher Steels uses only high-quality shears when cutting metal.

This allows for clear uncontaminated cuts, resulting in cleaner welds. We guarantee no warpage and precision cutting of material up to 1/2" thick. Quenched and Tempered (QT) is commonly used for brake bands.

CNC Oxy Fuel / CNC Plasma CUTTER 

Cut, Bevel, Etch And Stamp Steel Up To 24’ X 40’

Our CNC plasma machine is used to cut, bevel, etch and stamp steel up to 24’ x 40’. In order to serve you better, our machines have the ability to burn round bevels. Kucher Steels can mechanically stamp and bevel whatever you might require and our plasma oxy/fuel machines can handle plates up to 10" thick.  

Kucher Steels also offers water jet and metal laser cutting.

Edmonton Steel Fabrication


Our plate rolls can roll all types of metals with different thicknesses. Kucher Steels specializes in tight and large diameter on a thicker plate.

All Our Steel Comes with a Material Test Report to Show You Exactly what our Products are Made of.

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capable of forming most high tensile strength material

Having several large tonnage brakes we are capable of forming most high tensile strength material, including hardox, QT, AR, Chrome Molly and Algotuf 400F while maintaining our customers required tolerances on the product. Kucher Steels has a great reputation for satisfying the needs of our customers’ demands.

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Our experts are highly trained in forming all metals to customers’ specifications. Our services are proudly featured on Best In Edmonton’s List of top steel fabrication companies in the city. 

Need a piece of 4”QT 100 cut this precisely ? 

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