Safety Policy

The purpose of this documentation is to have a written health and safety program for
KUCHER STEELS (1992) INC. that promotes safe and healthful working conditions. It
is intended to provide owners, managers, supervisors, and employees with a clear
understanding of potential workplace hazards and procedures implemented to reduce
employee illness and/or injury in relation to these hazards.

This documentation also serves as a communication to employees regarding potential
workplace hazards and covers the following information:

  • Preventing accidents and fires;
  • Planning for emergencies and emergency medical procedures;
  • Identifying and controlling physical and chemical hazards in the workplace;
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

KUCHER STEELS (1992) INC. is committed to the health and safety of our employees physically, psychological and their social well being. Where necessary, the preventionof workplace injuries and illnesses will be given priority over operating productivity.


Owners, Managers, Supervisors

KUCHER STEELS (1992) INC. owners, managers, and supervisors are responsible for
ensuring all employees read and understand this safety policies and procedures manual.
It is also the responsibility of the owners, managers, and supervisors to review all
incidents and near-miss incidents and make amendments to the safety policies and
procedures where necessary. Owners, managers, and supervisors must ensure that
any changes to KUCHER STEELS (1992) INC. safety policies and procedures are
promptly communicated to all employees.


Employees are responsible for reading, understanding and complying with all KUCHER
STEELS (1992) INC. safety policies and procedures as outlined herein. Employees are
responsible for asking their supervisors questions if they do not fully understand the
safety policies and procedures. Any employee who becomes aware of a safety concern
is responsible for rectifying the problem in accordance with the procedure(s) outlined in
this manual and reporting the incident to an owner, manager, or supervisor.