We Can Form Cones To Very Tight Tolerances

At Kucher Steels, we have a passion for everything we build. Our team is highly experienced in both concentric and eccentric reducers. 

We use a unique procedure for forming cones with excellent results. All eccentric and concentric reducers can come with a Certificate of Compliance meeting all the requirements of ASME Section VIII, Division 1, UG 79.

eccentric reducers

ABSA Certified Tack Weld Procedure

Large End Diameter of 72" and a Small End of 42"

A 58" long eccentric reducer with a large end diameter of 72" and a small end of 42". 

We can do this type of cone in one piece up to 120" long, beveled, fit and bridge tacked.

Made to Meet Customer’s Specifications

We have formed cones from carbon steel (QT100 - AR400 - Chrome Molly - ETC), stainless steel (304-316-310-410-ETC) and aluminum.

We always uphold Metallurgical requests from our customers regarding the material desired and continuously work with steel suppliers and mills to ensure our customer’s needs are met.

concentric reducer

Quality Control

Our highly skilled operators can form cones to very tight tolerances.
All products are inspected by our Quality Control department to ensure they meet forming requirements.

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Eccentric and Concentric Reducers

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